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The Best in Frisco Real Estate

Frisco Texas Realtor Jane Clark and the Best in Frisco Real Estate

Jane Clark Neighborhood

Article Created by Jane Clark, Realtor

Frisco Texas has grown rapidly in the past decade due to its location, quality lifestyle and numerous corporate relocations. As a result, many of the Frisco residents are transplants from various areas across the country. With some of the best Frisco Real Estate listed at affordable prices, Frisco Texas has been one of the top choices of many who may plan to relocate to the Dallas metroplex.

Frisco is located 25 miles north of Dallas and approximately a 30 minute drive from the DFW airport. It is conveniently located along major freeways such as the Dallas Tollway and the Sam Rayburn expressway with easy access to the Central Expressway.


Location is perhaps The most important word in real estate. Frisco's proximity to Dallas has much to offer yet it far away from the "big city". Along Preston Road, you can find the restaurant haven for food enthusiasts. From fast food such as Steak and Bake, McDonald's, Chik-fil-a, Burger King, Whataburger, Einstein Brothers, Taco Bell, Taco Bueno and Cici's Pizza Buffet to restaurant chains such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Panda Express, California Kitchen Pizza, Cheesecake Factory, Dave & Buster's, Fuddruckers and Chipotle to local Frisco restaurants such as Randy's Steakhouse, Manny's Tex-Mex Grill, Best Thai, Asiana Bistro, Jin-Beh sushi, Fadi's Mediterranean Grill, Babe's Chicken and Randy White's BBQ. Hungry yet?

Frisco has been fortunate as it has had an opportunity to properly plan for the explosive growth it has seen. The majority of the expansion occurred within the past decade, Where it could be planned and regulated by knowledgeable city officials. Most of Frisco Texas commercial/ retail centers follow a central theme and share a commonality of design. Architectural spaces are comfortable well lighted and offer access to a wide variety of merchants, services, and recreation. Buildings and city streets are very well-maintained and clean. Neighborhoods are planned developments with adequate funding and planning for exterior community landscaping. The city maintains the medians and public areas with hardy native Texas plants as part of its environmental green-scape plan


Stonebriar Shopping Mall is the largest mall in North Texas. It is the jewel in Frisco’s retail crown. Some have called it a tourist attraction on to itself. It really has a great deal to offer. The anchor tenants are Dillard's, Macy's, Nordstrom, JCPenney's and Sear's. The AMC 24 Theater occupies the third level of the mall. In between you will find just about anything you need. You will find specialty stores such as Hobby Lobby, Petsmart, JoAnn's, Lowes, Sherwin Williams Paint, and many many others. Frisco also houses Sam Moon's - a costume jewelry and handbag store for the ladies. It is almost like Thanksgiving shopping every Saturday. Frisco has 2 Super-Target stores. One of the Super Target’s is the highest grossing store in Texas (Preston and SH 121). Frisco has a Super-Walmart in West Frisco at the border of Frisco and Little Elm. Another Super-Walmart serves Frisco and Plano residents and is located along SH 121. There are five Lowes and Home Depot home improvement stores within driving distances from Frisco. While Some areas of Frisco are decidedly country, In town shopping and conveniences are well located nearby..

  • Employment

    Employment factors have been a major driving force behind Frisco’s explosive growth. While Frisco now has its own share of major corporate residents, its growth began as a result of corporate relocations in neighboring Plano. Plano Texas, just south of Frisco is home to many large corporations such as Frito-Lay, Pepsi Bottling, Electronic Data System (EDS), Perot Systems, Fujitsu, Erickson, Bank of America formerly known as Countrywide, Computer Associates and McAfee. T-Mobile, IKEA, NBC Telemundo 29 are a few of the major corporations that have now relocated to Frisco. Hence, many professionals choose to live around the Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen areas. It is a major reason why the McKinney-Frisco-Allen Corridor always appears in CNN Money’s review of the ”Best Places to Live”. The Jane Clark Realty Group LLC has been active in all three areas for 15 years now and can help you find the best location for your family.

  • Education and School System

    The Frisco public school system is one of the major reasons to consider purchasing Frisco Texas Real Estate. Frisco Independent School District (Frisco ISD) schools are ranked in the top 10% in Texas. Student-teacher ratio is low to optimize the attention given to every student and to maximize the quality of our education system. School children are not just numbers within our Frisco ISD computer system. Frisco teachers know their students and their families. Quality of education is a theme runs strongly through not only the Frisco Community, but the surrounding communities of McKinney, Allen and Prosper as well.

    Frisco ISD along with YMCA and other academic service providers offer a combination of after-school programs on the elementary campus grounds. Parents and children have a large selection of extracurricular activities to choose from, Programs in Spanish, chess, art lessons, hands-on science programs and several different musical programs are easily available to any interested student. The Frisco ISD has put a great deal of effort into selecting the best enrichment programs for it’s students. Many families relocate to the Frisco Texas area simply to take advantage of programs that they would otherwise not be able to afford in their current location.

    Frisco Texas also has private educational system. Most of these schools are private Christian schools: Legacy Christian Academy is the largest private school in Frisco and is a very well respected organization. Legacy Christian Academy offers pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes

    For families who may want or need to start their child’s school experiences early, Frisco offers many preschool programs. These programs, offered by churches and schools alike are typically known as Mother's Day Out. These children can attend school from 9am through 2pm (depending on schools). Some of these begin as young as 1-year old through pre-kindergarten. If your need is for full-time day care, Frisco offers plenty of reputable daycare facilities for you to choose from. The "better" ones have a waiting list, so plan ahead for enrollment. Many day care centers offer bus services to transport school aged children to their facilities after school should that be needed. Frisco has a well thought out program to assist working families in caring for school age children

    For higher educational needs,. Frisco is home to the Preston Ridge campus of the Collin County Community College. Just a few miles away, Plano is also home to the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Plano campus as well as the University of Texas Dallas Campus. A large percentage of students from the Frisco ISD go on to some form of College or Community College. If a quality education for your children is an important factor in your relocation, You will feel right at home in Frisco.

  • Frisco Texas Demographics

    Frisco Texas is a a major suburb of the Dallas Texas area. Quite recently (within the past decade) Frisco has seen major growth as a result of affordable housing, quality schools and an explosive commercial and retail growth. Until 2000, Frisco had approximately 33,000 residents. By March 2008, Frisco had grown to 100,000 residents. Frisco Texas Real Estate has a projected maximum housing capacity, of 225,000 people. At the current growth rate that will occur in 2025.

    According to the recent census, Frisco is predominantly Caucasian (84%). There are 10% Hispanic, 3% African American, 2% Asian and the remaining may include Native Americans, and other races. 71% of the Frisco population consists of married couples with a typical family of 2 children. Frisco is a young and vibrant city. The median age is 31. Frisco is an affluent city with a large tax base. The median income for Frisco TX residents hovers just under $100,000. Less than 3% of the population lives below the poverty level.

  • Southern Hospitality

    Frisco is an open friendly, family oriented community. Southern hospitality means a great deal in Frisco and new arrivals integrate easily into their communities. Approximately 70% of Frisco residents consider themselves Republicans and Christians. You can find a wide range of worship opportunities to meet your needs. Most church denominations are well represented and there are many non-denominational churches as well.

  • Parks and Amenities

    The City of Frisco currently has 43 city parks and recreational amenities totaling over 1,600 acres. For future growth, Frisco holds over 700 acres of undeveloped land designated for city parks. There are 2 city-managed splash parks: J.R. Newman Park located in the Waterford Falls community and Shepherds Glen Park in Shepherd's Hill community.


    Sports, some say that Frisco has the recreational sports and events market cornered in the State of Texas, Frisco certainly has much to offer! The Dr. Pepper Ballpark and arena is home to some incredible sports venues such as baseball, ice hockey, and basketball as well as concerts and other live events. The Soccer specific Toyota stadium is the perfect soccer venue and hosts FC Dallas.

    Frisco is huge on youth sports. Frisco is home to the Frisco Roughriders at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark, FC Dallas at the Toyota stadium, Fieldhouse for basketball and NHL Dallas Stars training facility at The Dr. Pepper Center.

    Frisco offers three public golf courses: Plantation Resort, Westin Stonebriar and the Trails of Frisco. Some home communities offer private memberships to their resident access golf courses such as Heritage Lakes and Willow Pond. Frisco has a Superdrome - a world-class Olympic cycling haven for both professional and amateur cyclists as well as a world class natatorium and an indoor sky diving facility.

    Frisco also offers Frisco Athletic Center. Frisco residents pay resident rates. It has two state-of-the-art gym fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor aquatic fun facility, two aerobics studios, basketball courts and Cafe in the facility. Childcare is also provided for children from 8 weeks old through 7 years. The Zone is a designated area for children from 8 through 12 years. This room has 2 foosball tables, pool table, ping pong, air hockey and Wii video games. This is the first Frisco Athletic Center. Upon Frisco's complete build-out, Frisco plans to have 4 of these facilities to service its residents.

  • Frisco TX weather

    Frisco weather is best described as milder than you might expect. We usually have 2 very cold weeks of our Frisco Texas winter. We may have a few days of icy conditions, but snow accumulation is unheard of. Most people from different parts of the country who may be familiar with "winter snow" may not understand the full extent of our milder winters until they actually experience it. On Thanksgivings, we might still be shorts and shirt sleeves. In some Decembers, roses are still growing. The hottest month is August and the coldest month is usually January. Frisco Texas gets approximately 18-20 inches of rain a year (Seattle gets 40 inches and Phoenix gets 7 inches). We have a dry climate unlike the very high Texas humidity one finds in Houston. If you love to be outdoors and enjoy exercising, our awesome Frisco TX climate offers that possibility pretty much all year round.

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