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#1 in North Texas Real Estate

Jane is Simply the Best!

What initially appeared to be an easy close proved to be much more complicated resulting in three delays on the closing date (an extra month) due to very poor service from the buyer's lender. Jane Clark's expertise and management of the process enabled this sale to come to fruition. Not sure this contract would have closed if we had worked with another agent. Jane is the best!

Top 1% of all DFW Realtors

Keller Williams Top Producer

22 Year Reputation for Superior Results

Success Leaves Clues.. And here are some clues that You found a GREAT Realtor
Jane has a 20+ year Reputation for Results
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KW luxury certified


Unparalled service at every price point

  • Unmatched Knowledge
  • Integrity in Every Interaction
  • Powerful Technology and Marketing
  • Track Record of Success
Jane Clark

Jane Clark's 10 step guide to home buying

Are you ready to find that dream home?


Check your Credit Report

Let's begin this process by getting your paperwork in order. keep your payments current and avoid additional obligations

Find Your Price Range

What percentage of your monthly income can you comfortably pay for housing. Be sure your finances are in order before talking with a lender

Find a Great Realtor

No, You don't need a Crystal Ball. Talk With Jane first. Success leaves Clues. Jane Will find the best Realtor to begin your journey.

Lender Pre-Approval

Unless you are doing a cash sale, most sellers will not entertain an offer without committed financing options.

Start Looking at Homes

This is the fun part! now that you know your needs, your Realtor will keep you abrest of the options available. She will arrange showings for interesting properties.

Make an Offer

Offers are more than "Dollars offered". a good Realtor will help you write an offer that stands out and meets the sellers needs

The Home Inspection

Once you commit to a property, be sure a certified home inspector inspects it. Minor repairs are negotiated from the repair amendment

Insurance and Utilities

Time to start getting excited! Don't forget that utilities will need to be in your name when you move in,

Closing Day

The big day! Your seller has already executed the deed. Time now to put your signiture on the dotted line and pinch your self. Yes It's really yours!

Get Your Keys

Most importantly, a Realtor sells your home by bringing Qualified Prospects

Top-notch and Respected Negotiator

She was incredibly knowledgeable about the various subdivisions, quality of workmanship in the prospective homes and schools. She knew exactly what to look for in a home-based on our discussions with her and did an excellent job guiding our decisions. She is also a top-notch and respected negotiator which is critical in the buying/selling process and was always quickly responsive to our questions. We would never have found the home of our dreams for the right price without her!

Finding the Best North Texas Realtor

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Realtor”? Do you think only of dry statistics like commission rates and closing costs, or do you see the exceptional value of the help and experience a truly Professional Realtor will offer you?

I wonder sometimes if it isn’t more helpful to think of your Realtor as a co-investor in the sale of your property because a good realtor adds and provides services that enhance the value and saleability of your property. Our relationship with you is so much more than that of a mere commissioned salesperson. Frankly, I am a co-investor and business partner of every client we serve. So what is it that Makes the Best North Texas Realtor for Your Needs? It is the experience of a proven successful Realtor that turns us into one of the greatest assets you’ll ever use. 

Exceptional Service is only the Beginning

When I started my career in Real Estate I realized that I was in the service business and the most valuable asset I could offer my clients was my time, experience, and knowledge. I set out to provide a level of service to my clients that would redefine the word exceptionally. Fortunately, I choose Keller Williams as my home brokerage. KW recognizes that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter Real Estate Transaction. They provide exceptional training, but they also allow exceptional freedom to guide our clients as we see fit.

Jane was mentored by some of the Best North Texas Realtors in those early days. That is why The Jane Clark Realty Group rapidly evolved into a team with dedicated personnel to handle your marketing and transactional needs. We developed a specialized web presence to give your properties exposure far beyond that provided in MLS. Our Focus goes well beyond “getting” the listing. We are focused on marketing your listing at the optimum sales price. I have been called one of the top 1% of realtors in the DFW metroplex. Why because over 99% of my listings are sold within 1% of our listed value.

Awards and accolades are very important to Realtors and as you research me you’ll find that I am well respected by my peers throughout the DFW market Place. I am the top producer for Keller Williams North Texas and have been voted Best North Texas Realtor and Best DFW Realtor by my clients. But did you know that in recent years I have become one of the Top Producing KW agents in Richardson as well?

And,,,, Many of my clients are returning clients who have done several transactions with us. Here is what a long-term returning client had to say about me as they downsized after a long and successful career….

„Jane Clark helped us purchase our home in McKinney in less than a day. Fifteen years later, she and her very capable staff sold our home in 48 hours in a market that was slowing!! With customer service at the top of their list, they are amazing people who strive for excellence and deliver. Thank you, Jane AND STAFF and best of luck to you all in your seemingly never-ending efforts to please your clients!.“

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title Insurance?

Mortgage lenders require their customers to get title insurance. The companies also require that you pay for a title search. A title search is an extensive search through legal documents to prove the person selling you the property has legal claim to do it. So why have title insurance in...


How do I make an offer on a property?

Here are some very practical tips on making an offer on a house. Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction that is beneficial to both parties. It is true that an asking price is exactly that: An asking price. Very...


What are closing costs?

Here are some very practical tips on making an offer on a house. Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction that is beneficial to both parties. It is true that an asking price is exactly that: An asking price. Very...


Do I need an appraiser?

Here are some very practical tips on making an offer on a house. Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction that is beneficial to both parties. It is true that an asking price is exactly that: An asking price. Very...


Who does the home inspection?

Home inspections provide a definite value by giving a level of objectivity in evaluating a home. When a homeowner determines the value or condition of a home, it is very difficult to separate the emotional aspects of the home from the objective inventory of features and condition. It is part...


What is a repair amendment?

What is a home appraisal? An appraisal is a written document by a Licensed Appraiser hired by the Lender that will give you the mortgage on your home.

The Appraiser’s responsibility is to make sure the home is worth what you are paying for it and the Lender is...


What are the steps in a home buying process

When you are ready to begin searching for a new home, the process can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to take a look at the homes themselves, but you have contract negotiations, inspections, financing and more. That’s why it’s important to have a professional REALTOR® on your side...


Does my mortgage lender matter?

There is no shortage of places to get a home loan from and there are plenty of qualified professionals who work hard in the lending world. Picking a lender is an important piece to the real estate puzzle, so how do you choose one? A good lender will help you...


What happens after we accept an offer?

  1. The first steps to selling your home are the buyer and seller reach a contractual agreement and the buyer’s option check is delivered to the seller.
  2. Selling agent delivers contract and buyer’s earnest money check to the title company, and the earnest money is cashed and deposited into...
Work with Jane

Jane offers the highest level of expertise, service, and integrity. Jane utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, she listens and that means she finds solutions that are tailored to you.

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Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Collin County?

You need Jane Clark!

You need experience and expertise on your side! You need a Realtor with a 22+ year history of succesful transactions. You need the best Keller Williams McKinney has to Offer. The more you understand about Collin County Real Estate, the more you understand all the reasons why, Your listing deserves the Jane Clark touch.

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