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Fairview, Texas Profile

Learn everything you need to know about this hidden gem from your local Collin County realtor!

Whether you’re relocating from a nearby city or another state entirely, the allure of Fairview, Texas is something Jane Clark Realty Group has seen time and time again. From its convenient location near Dallas to its rapidly expanding real estate market, there are countless reasons why buyers are making this suburb their next home.

So, are you dying to know what makes Fairview, Texas such a great location to live? You’ve come to the right place. Stick around to find out why the city could be the perfect place to begin your next real estate investment, start a family, or simply enjoy the Lone Star State in all its glory!

A Brief Overview

A quiet location in Collin Country, Fairview, Texas was first incorporated by Collin County Judge W. E. Button on May 7, 1958. With a population of just over 9,000 residents (according to a 2019 estimate), the town is a 30 minute drive from Dallas and surrounded by a collection of similar suburbs.

Now, let’s review a few things to note if you’re planning to pack your bags and move to Fairview!

There are plenty of places to live in Fairview, Texas

Much like any city situated close to a bustling metropolis, Fairview, Texas has experienced steady growth when it comes to its real estate opportunities. With a population that has continued to rise over the past decade, there are a few notable neighborhoods potential buyers should know about.

  • Ascot Heath: Homes in this area are known for their large price tags and even larger floor plans. You’ll find some of the most gorgeous estates in the county within this neighborhood.
  • Bridlegate: Bridlegate is a great choice for families thanks to its proximity to some of the area’s best schools. It is also a short drive from the town’s main restaurants, entertainment spots, and retail stores!
  • Fairview Meadows: Most of the properties Jane Clark Realty Group lists in this area are single family homes, making it another popular option for families.
  • Of course, this is just a taste of some of the amazing areas tucked away in the city. A few other neighborhoods prospective buyers should look into include:

    • Foxglen
    • Heritage Ranch
    • Montecito Estates
    • Oakwood Estates
    • River Oaks
    • Sycamore Place
    • Stone Creek Estates
    • Willow Point Estates
    • Tranquility Farms
    • Thompson Springs

    There is no shortage of activities to be found

    Residents have much to look forward to when living in Fairview, Texas. Like any community-centered town, the city is filled with several retail and entertainment options perfect for families, young adults, students, and anyone else who calls it home!

    Here are a few places worth placing on your itinerary:

    • Texas Sculpture Garden: A 15-minute drive from the city, this attraction is home to over 40 contemporary sculptures spanning a 162-acre development. With an exterior collection open to the public from dawn to dusk and an interior collection open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., visitors can spend a few hours enjoying the garden’s unique works.
    • National Videogame Museum (NVM): Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, the NVM is bound to entertain you with its nostalgia-inducing interactive exhibitions. From 80’s arcade machines to modern consoles, the location is guaranteed to provide endless fun — and it’s only a 20-minute drive away!
    • Stonebriar Center: Looking for a place to enjoy some retail therapy? Don’t worry: the Stonebriar Center has you covered. Located just a city over in Frisco, visitors can shop-till-they-drop inside the enormous five-story development. With over 184 shops ranging from high-end designer to discount outlets, it’s entirely possible to spend a day inside the center. It even has an AMC theatre located on the top floor!

    And if this still isn’t enough, the wonders of Dallas are always nearby for those willing to make a slightly longer drive.

    The climate is fairly standard

    If you’re hoping for year-round rain and a wardrobe that solely consists of heavy layers, Fairview, Texas probably isn’t the place for you (nor is the rest of the state, for that matter).

    However, if you’re okay with endless sunshine and snow that only makes an appearance once in a blue moon, you’ll fit right in. Here are some additional statistics regarding climate in the areas surrounding Dallas:

    • Normal rainfall: Expect an average of 39 inches of rain per year, which is just one point below the nation’s average of 38 inches. Temperatures rarely drop below 36 during January’s winter low.
    • Lots of sun: Sunshine is bountiful in this region, with residents enjoying an average of 234 sunny days per year — 29 days more than the national average. Temperatures usually cap at 95 during July’s summer high.
    • Snow is rare: With an average of 1 inch of snowfall per year, this area sacrifices snowman-building for blizzard-free days.

    Overall, the weather in Fairview, Texas is known for being relatively comfortable outside of the July and August heat.

    The cost of living can be tricky

    Though there are numerous highlights that make Fairview, Texas a great place to live, its cost of living should be considered before approaching your local Collin County realtor.

    Unfortunately, this factor could use some improvement, as the city contains two somewhat concerning statistics: Its cost of living and housing prices are 7% and 17% higher than the national average, respectively. It’s also worth noting that the median household income in Fairview, Texas sits around $94,000, which is 52% higher than the state’s average.

    As such, prospective buyers should closely review their income and expenses to ensure life in the city is a good fit.

    Final Thoughts

    Despite a cost of living that may force some buyers to look elsewhere, Fairview, Texas is a laid-back city that still has so much to offer. From its nearby attractions to its gorgeous neighborhoods, future residents have no shortage of activities to look forward to during their stay.

    So, are you considering investing in Fairview, Texas real estate? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Jane Clark Realty Group to speak with the number-one realtor in Collin County!

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