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You know that the housing market is currently a seller’s market, but when you look up McKinney homes for sale or Stonebridge Ranch real estate, you see long lists of available properties, and you’re worried your home would just be a number. Or maybe you’re not currently looking to sell your house, but you want to make sure you’re ready to capitalize on the investment one day when the time comes.

This article will give you eight ideas to boost your Collin County home’s ROI. We know that not everyone has a bottomless budget, and we understand that not everyone is a professional home builder or renovator. We hope that these tips, while providing value, are easy and accessible enough to be picked up by anyone, regardless of skill or available resources.

Improve your curb appeal

When potential buyers pull up to your house, their first impression will be your home's curb appeal. What kind of first impression will your house make? Imagine what you might think if you saw your house for the first time. What do you notice—good and bad? Improvements here are easy to make. Consider a new mailbox, repainting street numbers, or improving the landscaping of your front yard and flower beds. Check out this article for more ideas on enhancing curb appeal.

Create energy savings

These days, with rising energy costs, buyers shopping for Mckinney homes for sale are more concerned about energy efficiency than they have ever been before. Think about how you may speak to this pain point one day when selling your home. You may add insulation into the attic, install new doors or windows, or even go as far as to replace high-energy appliances with newer, more efficient models.

Add fresh paint

You could paint the interior or exterior. Either way, it will add value when it comes time to sell and make your home stand out among the other Stonebridge Ranch homes for sale. A new exterior coat of paint looks nice, and it will help seal out moisture, which better protects the structural integrity of your home. Interior paint can make rooms appear more prominent or lighter and create living spaces that feel more inviting and welcoming.

Complete minor repairs

The kitchen's squeaky door or loose handle that you’ve learned to live with may not appeal to a potential buyer. When it comes time to sell, you don’t want there to be any reason—no matter how small—that motivates a buyer to choose another home over yours. Take time to ensure all these small details have been addressed.

Replace the garage door

This isn’t an idea that quickly comes to most people’s minds, but there are several benefits to replacing a garage door. It improves curb appeal and adds cosmetic value, but it also makes your home more secure and enhances the insulation of your home, thus bringing down energy costs. For more on the benefits of replacing your garage door, check out this article from Garage Door Specialists, Inc.

Make your home smarter

Modern technology has streamlined and improved the way we do many things. Smart technology offers many benefits for those looking at McKinney homes for sale. You might purchase smart lighting controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth. Some lighting can even be voice-controlled. Smart thermostats can make the temperature in your home easier to operate and regulate while also potentially saving you money on high energy costs. Finally, if you’ve never looked into a smart irrigation system before, it may be the missing part of your lawn care regimen.

Make your home safer

As cool as it is to talk about smart lighting or smart thermostats, another significant way smart technology can provide value to your home is by making it safer. You may want to invest in a smart doorbell, where you can use video technology to see who is at the door (no matter if you’re at home). You should also take a few minutes to research smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

As opposed to regular smoke detectors, which you can only hear if you’re at home, smart detectors will send a notification to your phone that will allow you to notify neighbors, authorities, or anyone else who needs to be updated should an event occur. Security is always a hot button for those who are touring Stonebridge Ranch homes for sale.

Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are frequently at the top of buyers’ wish lists. Also, they have increased in value since the beginning of the pandemic, as homeowners are spending more time at home than they used to. Consider building a fire pit in the backyard to give yourself (and the next homeowner) a cozy place to spend time with friends and family during all seasons.

Hopefully, there was an idea on this list that you can take and use right away, or maybe this list gave you a different view on ways to improve your home’s ROI. After you check a few of these ideas off your list and you’re ready to take the next step towards listing your house, reach out to Jane Clark. The Jane Clark Realty Group has listed countless McKinney homes for sale and She is an Expert in Collin County real estate. Jane knows what to do to make the process both successful and seamless. She’s ready to talk whenever you are.

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