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Living in Plano, Texas 

Are you moving to Plano, TX? Here is why you should make Plano your new home!

Plano, Texas is a relatively small city that is located in northern Texas in Collin and Denton County. Situated within a thirty-minute drive to the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area, Plano is the perfect destination for employment opportunities and all things entertainment. Currently home to a population of around 284,579 residents, the city is consistently growing and changing. Offering its residents a perfect mixture of urban and suburban living, Plano is a good place to live and is on its way to becoming one of the best places to live in Texas. 


Best known for its fantastic quality of life, thriving job market, and nice weather, it is no wonder why so many young professionals, families, and retirees are deciding to call Plano home. Recognized as one of the “happiest cities” in the nation, Plano is full of top restaurants, coffee shops, nature trails, and outdoor spaces. If you have always wanted to move to Texas then you might want to consider relocating to Plano. While moving can often be stressful and overwhelming, this guide was created to make your transition to Plano go as smoothly as possible. With that being said, read on to learn more about the 10 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Plano, Texas!

1. Plano is super safe.

Safety is an important factor to consider when moving and luckily Plano provides just that. Thanks to a recent study, Plano was ranked as one of the safest cities in the country and has even come in number third in the nation for safety. The total crime rate is considered to be 28% lower than the national average. This high safety rating was determined due to a number of indicators including frequency of violent crime, property crime, traffic incidents, hate crimes, risk of natural disaster, and even the percentage of uninsured residents. 

So you might be wondering, how is Plano able to maintain such a high level of safety? Not only is the local police department highly trained and prepared, but the city is a tightly knit community that values keeping the area as safe as possible. The residents of Plano understand the importance of fostering a safe community and are actively involved in a community watch in order to prevent crime in the local neighborhoods.

2. Great cost of living.

Plano is considered to be one of the most affordable cities located near the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area. Compared to other large cities in the United States, living in Plano will definitely get you more for your money. While the cost of living in Plano is 7% higher than the national average, it is most certainly less expensive than living in San Francisco or living in Los Angeles. Plus, with no state income tax, residents are able to save even more. Utility costs in Plano are 2% lower than the national average while transportation costs are 4% higher. The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour while a good average salary in order to live comfortably in the city is $89,615 per year.

Homes in Plano, TX - townhomes, condos and more when living in Plano

3. Affordable housing.

While the cost of living may be slightly higher than the national average, Plano is known for its relatively affordable housing and low property taxes. In fact, Plano was named as one of the best cities in the United States to buy a home and invest in. Even though the home prices in the area have been increasing over the past few years due to a competitive housing market, Plano is still an affordable place to live and is renter-friendly. Sought after by many homebuyers, the demand for housing is starting to outweigh the supply of available real estate. This may mean that future homebuyers may see themselves in a bidding war in order to ensure the home of their dreams.

4. Steller job market.

Before the onslaught of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Plano, Texas was ranked as the number two city in the nation for jobs. Now much like the rest of the country and the world, Plano is getting back on its feet and is currently undergoing an economic resurgence. Known to be an affluent area, Plano is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies and over 10,000 flourishing businesses. While the unemployment rate still may be low after long periods of quarantine and shutdowns, as of May 2021, over 15,900 jobs were brought to the area. 

Home to multiple economic sectors, the top industry leaders in Plano include healthcare, electronics, software, game development, energy, manufacturing, and finance. Some of the top employers in the area are JP Morgan Chase, Capital One Finance, Bank of America, Toyota, McAfee, Frito Lay, Intuit, and Electronic Data Systems. If you are moving to Plano and are on the hunt for a job then you will not be looking for long.

The weather in Plano, TX is all four seasons with the leaves changing colors in fall

5. The weather is beautiful.

Plano, Texas is considered to have a warm and temperate climate. Residents living here can expect hot and humid summers alongside cold and windy winters. The weather remains partly cloudy pretty much all year round. Locals often compare the weather in Plano to the weather in California due to its designated rainy season and many sunny days throughout the year.

In the summer, the month of August is the hottest month of the year with an average high temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, during the winter, the month of January is the coldest month of the year with an average low nightly temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Plano receives around 40 inches of rain per year which is above the national average of 38 inches of rain and there are a total of 229 sunny days annually. Plano only receives an average of 2 inches of snow per year if any so make sure to pack a jacket and maybe an ice-scraper.

While Plano may have pretty moderate weather, the city is located on the south end of Tornado Alley. Known to have a high risk of tornado activity, the city receives around three tornados per year which can cause severe damage to property and poses a safety risk to residents. Having experienced 175 total tornadoes since the year 1950, Plano is no stranger to this weather phenomenon. Most frequent during the months of April, May, and June, more tornadoes have occurred in the state of Texas than any other state in the country. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from possible tornadoes, it is important to have a safety plan in place and to always be aware of the weather.

6. Plano is well-educated.

Are you moving to Plano with school-aged children? Then you are in luck! Plano takes education very seriously and is home to many top-rated schools. The Plano Independent School District has received nine out of ten ratings based on high test scores and continues to impress its locals and surrounding communities. With a total of 67 schools located in the district, 44 are elementary schools, 13 are middle schools, six are high schools, and three are senior high schools. Some of the top schools in the area include Wyatt Elementary School, Fowler Middle School, Plano East High School, and Plano Senior High School. Before moving, it might be a good idea to figure out which neighborhoods feed into the schools that you would want your children to attend.

If you are interested in higher education opportunities, Plano has plenty of those as well. Home to 29 colleges in the area, 21 are private universities, two are public institutions, and six are community colleges. No matter what degree you are studying for, Plano has a school for it. The University of Texas at Dallas is the most popular university in the area. If you do not mind the commute and want to explore other educational options in the state of Texas, one of the best things about your new Plano residency is your in-state tuition status. 

7. Great public transportation.

While there may be multiple neighborhoods and city blocks that are walkable, when living in Texas a car is a necessary amenity. Since Plano is so spread out, much like the rest of the state, traveling around the city is most easily accessible by vehicle. While cars may be the most popular option among residents, the transportation system in place in Plano is an awesome backup or option for those that choose to not own a car. 

Not only does utilizing public transportation beat rush hour traffic, but there are multiple transportation options that can take you to and from the city center. The DART system which stands for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit is a train line, bus system, and rideshare service that serves the Plano area and 12 other neighboring cities. The train line, in particular, runs straight into the middle of Downtown Dallas and even to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Traveling around the city could not be any easier. 

8. There are tons of events to attend.

While Plano may seem like a small town, it is actually the ninth-largest city in the state of Texas. Part of the reason why this welcoming and lively community seems so small is that it prioritizes meetups and events throughout the year to bring everyone together. Hosting all kinds of different festivals, fairs, and sporting events, there is no better place to get to know your neighbors. Whether you like to learn about a new culture, try new foods, or listen to live music, there is a festival and event in Plano for everyone to enjoy.

Check out some of these local favorite events in Plano, Texas!

  • Plano Farmer’s Market: Purchase local produce and homemade goodies at this farmers market hosted on select weekends from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon. Local homemade jams, salsa, and tamales are among the popular items purchased. 

  • Plano Music and Arts Festival: Hosted on select weekends during the month of October, this music festival features live outdoor concerts, art displays, a car show, a motorcycle show, local cuisine, and plenty of beer. 

  • Plano Food and Wine Festival: Walk around this festival to enjoy great food from local vendors and award-winning wine from over 30 vineyards. 

  • Plano’s Summer Art Camp: This four-day summer art camp is great for your children to learn all about art and creative expression.

9. Spend the day outdoors.

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life then you might want to explore one of the many parks and nature preserves that Plano has to offer. In fact, Plano is home to a total of 85 parks and over 98 miles of recreational trails.

Check out these local favorite parks and outdoor areas in Plano, Texas! 

  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve: This 200-acre park has six miles of hiking trails and 2.8 miles of off-road bike trails. There are even picnic areas and a playground.  

  • Big Lake Park: Features hiking and biking trails, wildlife viewing, and paddling in the lake. 

  • Shawnee Park: Bordering a small lake, this park features a fishing pier and a large disc golf course. 

  • Bluebonnet Trail Greenbelt: This 8.3-mile walking trail runs all over town and is a great place to get a workout in.

Sunset in a park in Plano, TX with water and trees

10. There are many things to do.

If spending time outdoors hiking is not your idea of a good time then Plano has a variety of other cool activities to enjoy. Whether you like to attend an art gallery, go to a museum, or visit a historical site, there is plenty to do while living in Plano, Texas. No matter if you are looking for family-friendly activities or a place for your next date night, you will never run out of things to do. 

Check out these local favorite things to do in Plano, Texas!

  • The Texas Pool: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this public pool is shaped in the state of Texas. 

  • PINSTACK Plano: Featuring a bowling alley, laser tag, arcade games, and a bar and grill. 

  • Jurassic World the Exhibition: Great for all ages, this interactive experience features immersive scenes from the popular film. 

  • NorthBark Dog Park: This off-leash dog park is a great place to bring your furry friends. There is even a lake area that they can swim in.

Moving to Plano, TX - The Bottom Line

Named as the third best city in the country to raise a family, Plano is a safe community with many great neighborhoods and a fantastic public school system. The city has also been the home to multiple celebrities including Lance Armstrong and Steve Harvey. Whether you are moving to Plano, Texas for a new business opportunity or simply for a change of scenery, Plano is awaiting your arrival. Before moving to the area, make sure to reach out to The Jane Clark Realty Group to answer any questions that you may have while guiding you through the home buying process. Take advantage of Jane's 22+ years of experience in Plano Texas Real estate once you have decided on a budget and property type, Jane will be with you every step of the way on your homebuying journey to find your dream home in Plano, Texas!

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